For videos, you can either upload a video as unlisted to your Youtube channel as shown on the course, upload a video using a different video hosting platform, download a video to your computer or grab a video straight from Youtube by getting the embedded code of the video.

To get the embedded code from Youtube, select the particular video you wish to grab and locate the share option on the Youtube description bar and click it.

You can customize the starting point of the video by clicking the 'start at' radio button and adjust the time to your preference. And select 'Embed'.

Copy the entire code.

And save it somewhere safe, or keep the Youtube page open on a separate tab.

Access the SAS Page Builder of the page you want to add a video on.

Or if you are creating a page from scratch, you can choose a template from the template tab that you want to use first and apply it to the builder.

Once done, click the PLUS sign button on the top right of the page.

You can first go to 'Rows' and select 1 Column. Drag and drop it to your preferred position for the video.

Or if the template you choose already have an existing column where you can add the video to, you can skip the above step.

To add a video to your page, go to 'Modules' and locate 'Video' module.

Drag and drop the module to your preferred location within the column.

After droppin the module, the video settings option will open automatically.

Under the General tab, you will see Video Type, select the type of video you want to add.


Media Library - these are the videos that you have downloaded or saved from your computer's media library. The videos can be either a MP4 or WebM video.

Embed - these are videos you have saved from your Youtube channel, video hosting platform(vimeo, daily motion, screencast, etc.) and/or the video you will get straight from other people's Youtube video.


If you choose to select MEDIA LIBRARY, select a video depending on it's format.

Click the 'Select Video' link for either MP4 or WebM. And select a file from 'Uploaded Files' or Media Library.

Please note that the video/file should not exceed more than 15MB.

Choose your the video you want to add from the library make sure it meets the requirements and  click the 'Select Video' button.

After selecting the video, you will get the video settings page and you will see the video that was uploaded.

You can change other settings to your preference. Such as Auto Play and loop.

You can also check the other tabs for Structured Data and Advanced options.

Don't forget to click SAVE to save all the changes you made.


Choose the Embed video type from the drop-down option. And get the embedded code from your Youtube channel, video hosting platform(vimeo, daily motion, screencast, etc.) or the  straight from the Youtube video.

Using the example above. Go back to the video page we had earlier.

Copy the embedded code and paste it to the code field.

You can change the Structured Data and Advanced settings to your preference and click SAVE.

Adjust the video size by dragging the small dot on the side of the column to your preferred size.