To change the background of your page when you want to use a template that is available on the SASPanel.

Go to 'My Presell Pages' tab, then click 'Build New Page'.

Give your page a name. This is will be your site title or the page name that will appear on the tab bar when someone opens your site. Then click the 'Launch Page Builder SAS' button.

You will be directed to a blank page. Click on the PLUS icon on the top right of the page to open the options.

Go to 'Templates', click the drop-down button, and select from different templates available for you.

We do recommend to select a template that is closest to the page you envision your presell page to look like for easy editing.

Once a template has been selected. Look for the GEAR icon at the bottom of the row section of the image/background you want to change to open the settings.

Change the settings according to your preference or you can also just leave them as it is.

Under 'STYLE' tab, go down to 'Background'.

You can change the background type depending on the type of background you want you page to have, or depending on the specific portion of your page background.

You can choose to set your background as video, animated or slideshow.

We'll use a PHOTO for this example.

From 'Background Photo' option, you can select the PHOTO SOURCE from MEDIA LIBRARY or URL.

It will be best to use a photo/image from your media librabry, however, feel free to use a URL photo as well.

If you will use a photo/image from your media librabry.

You will see the remove link on PHOTO, click it to remove the original photo that was on the template that you wish to change. Once removed, click on the 'Select Photo' link to open the media library.

You can choose to get the image from UPLOAD FILES or MEDIA LIBRABY tab.

Select a file that should not be larger than 15MB, and preferably a .JPG or .PNG format.

Then click the 'SELECT PHOTO' at the bottom right of the page to upload it.

Once done, you will see the image that you have uploaded on the PHOTO section.

You can edit and change the photo size and change other settings on the STYLE and ADVANCED tab according to your preference.

If everything is already set according to your liking click the SAVE button.

And the background to your page should already change.