A bullet point list is one of the important elements of a good presell page.

Highlighting what the product can do for your customers is key to their decision making to buying your product.

Once you already have a page made add a column from the rows tab of the editor.

Drag and drop the column to your desired position. Or if template you used already has a column available where you can add the bullet list you can skip this step.

Look for the 'Info List' module on the 'Module' tab, under the 'Content Modules - SAS Page Builder Upgrade Pack' section.

Drag and drop the module inside the column you added or available.

On the Info List settings, go to 'General' tab and set the icon position and connect line as you prefer.

The CONNECTOR LINE is the line that connects one bullet/list from another.


Then go to 'List Items' tab and click ' Edit List Item'.

Customize your bullet icon as you prefer.

ICON TYPE can be an icon from our library or an image from your computer library that should not exceed more than 15MB in size.

ANIMATION is if you want the icon move according to the options available.

ANIMATION DURATION is how long the set animation will last in milliseconds.

If you have chosen ICON as your icon type click the 'Select Icon' link to open the SASPanel Icon library.

You can also filter the icons by clicking the drop-down option on the top right of the page.

But if you have chosen IMAGE as your icon type, you can select a photo from your computer library by uploading the image or getting it from your media library.

Add the TITLE of your bullet list and DESCRIPTION to your bullet point if there is any to the corresponding fields.

Then go to ICON STYLE tab and change the color, color hover, background, and background hover of the icon to your preference.

Save the changes you have made on your List Item 1.

Click on the 'Add List Item' to continue adding bullet points to your list and repeat the same steps as above.

You can also click the copy icon on the right side of the List Item 1 to duplicate the same list and edit them later.

Once your list is completed. You can go to STYLE, to change the icon size, border, and spacing to your preference.

TYPOGRAPHY is where you can change the color, font, alignment spacing, and margin of the TITLE and DESCRIPTION of the list as one for consistency.

You can also make changes on the 'Advanced' tab to your preference. Making any changes to this tab will affect the entire list.

Save the changes you made and test your page.

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