Testimonials or social proof is one of the important elements of a good presell page.

Adding social proof/testimonial to the page makes your product credible since people tend to look for any approval or review of the product before buying it. This also helps people to connect to your product emotionally. And adding social proof/testimonial to your page helps to convince people why your product is good and helpful.

If a template you have chosen for your page doesn't have a testimonial section, add one by using a testimonial module.

On the page or template you are working on, open the editor tool, and select 'Modules', then go down to 'Content Modules - SAS Page Builder Upgrade Pack' and look for 'Testimonials'.

Drag and drop the module to your preferred position.

Depending on the format and design of the testimonial you want to create, you have the option to select the layout of your testimonial by selecting 'Layout' tab.

Then go to 'General' tab and enter a heading or title of the section for your testimonials.

Select the type of layout you want your testimonial section to look like, whether you want it to be on Grid or a Slider. In ascending, descending or random order and if the section has a fixed height or not.

If you chose GRID, you will need to enter how many testimonial entries you have on Grid Columns field.

And if you chose SLIDER, set and change the slider settings to your preference.

Once Layout and General tabs are set, go to 'Testimonials' tab.

This is where you will enter your testimonial entries.

But before doing so, make sure you already have the datas needed for your testimonial entries such as Client's name and comment. Client's photo and Profile are optional.

Click the 'Edit Testimonial' link from the testimonial tab to add an entry.

Fill in the fields with the data/material you have available.

Click the 'Select Photo' link to upload the photo of the client if you have any, otherwise, you may skip this step. You can upload the image from your media library or select a file from your computer.

Then type in the testimonial on the 'Content' section.

Then save the changes you made.

Keep adding testimonial entry by clicking 'Add testimonial' or by simply selecting the two-overlapping paper icons to duplicate the first testimonial entry you made and make changes after.

Should you chose to duplicate the 1st entry, make sure to edit and change the necessary field of each entry by clicking the corresponding 'Edit Testimonial' link.

Once you are done filling in the testimonial entries, go to 'Style' tab to edit and make changes to the Content box and Image box.

The CONTENT BOX is the section where the testimonial content or text will show while the IMAGE BOX is the section of where the photo of the Client will be at in case you added one.

After editing the boxes, go to 'Typography' to make changes to the Heading, Client's Name, Profile and Content's FONTS, STYLE and, SPACING as well as TEXT SHADOW.

Lastly, go to 'Advanced' to make changes to the overall SPACING, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION, HTML ELEMENT of the entire testimonial section. 

Once done and to your satisfaction, click the 'SAVE' button to save all the changes you made.