The Announcement Bar is used for alerting people of a promotion, offer, or announcement.

This can also be used as your URGENCY/SCARCITY section that is an important element to a page.

To add an Announce bar to your page, simply click on the edit tool on the upper right corner of the page and go to "Modules" tab.

Go down to the 'Lead Generation Modules - SAS Page Builder Upgrade Pack' and look for Announcement Bar module.

Drag and drop the module to your desired postion on the page.

Once dropped, the settings page will open.

Go to 'General' and change the settings according to your preference.

BAR POSITION is whether you'd like the announcement bar to be placed at the bottom or top of the page.

Then click the select icon link to select the icon for the announcement bar that will catch the customer's attention.

CONTENT is what the announcement text would be.

LINK TYPE is an option if you want a link or a button to appear on the content that the customer will click to direct them to another page.

LINK TEXT is what the text on the link or box.

LINK is the URL where you would want to lead your customers to. This can be the link to the offer page, opt-in page or direct check out page.

DISPLAY AFTER this is an option to display the announcement bar again after a day or few days depending on the number of days you enter on the field once a visitor closes the bar. You may also leave this blank.

Then go to 'Style' tab and set it to your preference.

CONTENT ALIGNMENT is an option to place the content or text to the left or center of the bar.

BAR HEIGHT is the height of the bar.

BACKGROUND COLOR is the color of the bar background.

BORDER STYLE is the style of the bar border, you can set it to a solid line, dashed, or dotted.

SIZE is the size of the icon, while the COLOR is the color of the icon.

BOX SHADOW will give you an option to select YES or NO. This is to give a shadow effect to the box.

CLOSE BUTTON is the "X" mark on the bar to close the announcement bar. This option will allow you to change the exit icon's color and size.

After that is set and changed, go to 'Typography' to edit and change the content and link/button's font, style, text shadow.

Go to 'Advanced' to edit and change the spacing, visibility, and animation of the bar. This is where you can add an event snippet for Google and Facebook as well under HTML Element section.

On ANIMATION section, you can select to animate the bar to your liking. The delay is when the animation will start and the duration is the pacing of the animation in seconds.

After all tabs has been changed to your preference, make sure to save the changes you have made.